BELL Songs

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BELL Songs

The National Federation of the Blind of Louisiana BELL Academy is offering 6 uniquely-written BELL Songs on an SD card for a donation to our program of $25. These songs are about Braille and cane and have been rewritten to popular music tracks—the songs suggested are owned by the respective copyright holders, so we are providing the BELL lyrics in 3 file formats (e.g. Word, PDF, and BRF), as well as YouTube links to the original songs. When performing the songs, we utilized the Karaoke versions easily from Apple music, YouTube, etc.

All of these songs have been written by Louisiana volunteers and performed by BELL Academy Alumni. Our students have come to expect a new Braille and/or cane song each year, and we want to spread the love.

Titles include:
Braille Funk
Taps on the Ground
BELL 2018 Academy Song Mashup (medley of various songs)
Read It, Read It, Everyday
Rocket Braille

If you are ordering only this SD card from our store, please choose the shipping option for it. We greatly appreciate your support of our BELL Academy and love for promoting Braille and canes!